This was our 2nd time using Moving Made EZ….

“This was our 2nd time using Moving Made EZ, the first was about 5-6 years ago. And a co-worker also suggested we use them since he had just moved the year before and had a great experience with them. We were given a 30 minute timeframe when the truck would arrive and at 9 minutes after the hour it was in our driveway. McRea, Adam and Chris did a quick walkthrough of our house and we chatted briefly before they quickly set to work. In less than 2 hours they had taken everything out of our old house (including the ‘world’s largest fridge’ which meant taking off the fridge doors and front door to the house so they could get it out and obviously putting the front door back on) and we’re heading to the new house. They reassembled the fridge, carried furniture/boxes to the basement, 2nd floor apartment, main level or garage, wherever we needed things to go. Beds were set up, furniture was arranged and everything was done with smiles and laughter. These three guys were great to work with!”- Kate D.